Added services designed to meet the need for helping organizations develop strategy
and execution of campaigns and the development of custom initiatives.

Ottawa, ON  August 16, 2012 – Ideavibes founder and ceo, Paul Dombowsky, announced today that they are now offering enhanced Crowdsourcing advisory services to support requests coming from governments, non-profits and brands.

According to founder, Paul Dombowsky, “as a platform start-up, we would have conversations with people at various levels of government, brands or other organizations, all either wanting to engage stateholders externally or internally. The challenge has often been getting started so we are responding to this by providing some hand-holding support.”

Ideavibes’ Advisory Services will be focused first on education and then on helping organizations determine how crowdsourcing can meet their specific objectives, or solve challenges. This evaluation will then lead to the development of a strategy and an implementation plan to ensure success with the initiative. Ideavibes is able to resource each stage of the process as is required to support internal staff who are often stretched with day-to-day operations.

“We think innovation and engagement are critical for any organization to be successful and they often don’t get the resources and support they need when times are tight. For organizations of any type to be successful, innovation in products, services and processes has to be given as much attention as the day to day – keep the lights on – types of activities. We are encouraged by some great initiatives happening and believe that the time has never been better to make innovation a more important part of our business and social culture.”

For more information about Ideavibes and their new Advsiory Services, please visit or contact Paul Dombowsky at [email protected].

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