National organization looks to crowdsourcing as part of its engagement and innovation strategy to tap into the expertise of its community 

Ottawa, ON  May 31, 2012 – Scouts Canada has teamed with Ottawa-based Ideavibes to launch Innovation, a new crowdsourcing initiative based on Ideavibes Crowd Engagement Platform.

myscouts Innovation enables Scout Canada members to provide feedback and engage in discussion around the organization’s assoication management tool, Members post ideas in various categories and then their peers can comment and vote on each idea which will directly influence the enhancement path. Posts can also be shared through Facebook and Twitter or emailed to help gain further support.

“A major part of Scouts Canada’s technology strategy was to develop an assocation management tool that would better enable us to manage our membership information, ease registration and share information with our audiences,” said Adam Benson, Scouts Canada Deputy National Commissioner for Technology. “Now that we have that tool in place, we want to ensure we are making enhancements that suit the needs of our members. myscouts Innovation is a way for youth, parents, leaders and other stakeholders to directly influence our development path while still maintaining our organizational goals.”

Going forward myscouts Innovation will enable Scouts Canada to survey its membership, receive feedback on how technology innovations are performing in the field, and collaborate with members on future program, development and technology ideas before they are deployed.

Ideavibes works with organizations such as Scouts Canada, The City of Ottawa, TELUS, and Web of Change to help them utilize social media and open innovation or crowdsourcing to tap into the collective knowledge and energy of their communities. As part of their engagement with Scouts Canada, Ideavibes not only customized the Ideavibes platform for its needs, but also provided support to develop new processes for front line support team that greatly enhances its community engagement capacity with online support, forums, crowdsourcing and ticketing.

“In today’s fast-paced, digital world, organizations like Scouts Canada are using web-based tools including social media to make their engagement and innovation strategies accessible to their community – both young and old,” said Paul Dombowsky, CEO of Ideavibes. “Working with Scouts Canada was a great experience because their organization is so committed to making technology and new process work for them. We found their team eager to embrace changes that will help everyone provide information and support faster, which is great to see in an organization as rich in history as Scouts Canada. And since I was in Scouting myself a number of years ago, this was a rewarding initiative to work on.”

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