Ideavibes helping City of Ottawa launch Online Ideas Campaign for Residents of
Woodpark and Woodroffe North Neighbourhoods

Ottawa, ON  November 20, 2012 – The City of Ottawa and Ideavibes have launched a crowdsourcing campaign to engage residents of Woodpark and Woodroffe North in generating ideas for neighbhorhood improvement projects. The most popular ideas will be reviewed and if practical, put into action.  As many as 3 small-scale, community driven projects will receive up to $30,000 in total support from the City of Ottawa.

The Online Ideas Campaign is a pilot initiative of the Neighbourhood Connection Office, and is designed to give residents the opportunity to develop project ideas for things that are important to their community. City staff will then work with neighbourhood volunteers to make projects happen with  funding support from the City.

“We are excited to be helping the City of Ottawa launch this forward thinking campaign to enable citizens to come together online to generate, support and share project ideas to improve their community”, says Paul Dombowsky, ceo of Ideavibes. “When we work with cities we hear that the opportunity to help make change happen in their neighborhoods is high on the wish list of residents. What the City of Ottawa is doing here, is quite innovative and unique.”

“We think that giving citizens more say is just the catalyst that is needed in Canada to re-energize Canadians in the governing process and improve voter participation”, according to Dombowsky. “Cities like Ottawa understand this and are showing substantive leadership in giving citizens opportunities to be involved beyond an election every four years.

The first part of the pilot program for Woodpark and Woodroffe North involved a questionnaire that helped develop the main themes for the online ideas campaign. The main themes included: streets, parks, social and recreational opportunities, beautification, and development.

“As the Councillor for both these neighbourhoods I see this as a way for the residents to get involved and help shape the community they live in,” said Bay Ward Councillor Mark Taylor.
“I always encourage residents to participate and voice their opinions, this online tool will further enhance and strengthen the discussion.”

Ideavibes is providing campaign support in addition to their crowdsourcing platform to the City of Ottawa. Previous initiatives with the City include the successful Have A Say! campaign on sustainability in which over 200 tangible ideas were generated and more than 6,000 votes were logged.

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