The world needs BIG ideas. It also needs bite-sized ideas that are easy to understand and support.

Ideavibes™ Crowd Engagement Platform drives participation, input and support for the bite-sized ideas that drive change through Crowdsourcing or Crowdfunding campaigns.


Use Ideavibes™ to post ideas or projects to a website. Share possibilities with select audiences or with the world.


Allow your crowd to vote on ideas or projects. Tally votes and learn what people value. Ranking updates automatically.

Comment, Email & Tweet

The crowd can email or tweet ideas or projects in the list to solicit support from their crowd. Monitored comments protect the integrity of the engagement.

(Crowdfunding Campaigns Only)

The Platform can enable you to have projects, ideas, start-ups, etc. funded right from the platform.

Crowd Administration

We know that an engaged and self-sufficient crowd is an active crowd so Ideavibes gives the crowd the ability to sign-in to view posted ideas, comments, funded products, etc.

Getting started is easy!

Sign-up – complete the form below with payment information for the monthly subscription fee. Set-up fees will be billed separately

Configure – receive confirmation and instructions on next steps including access information and documentation

Create – your first campaign

Deploy – make your campaign public and promote to your crowd

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