Ideavibes started in 2010 with a mission to build a simple to use, affordable platform that cities, brands, and organizations could use to engage their crowd (be it citizens, customers, prospects, members, etc.) and foster innovation and make change happen in an open and accessible format.

Driven by social media, the Ideavibes Crowd Engagement Platform has helped with everything from empowering communities to developing policies for sustainability, to coming up with features for new products, to solving problems in our communities, to improving the way national organizations serve their members, etc.

When we started Ideavibes, the focus was the platform but we have found that our supporting services are relied upon by clients to support their engagement and open innovation efforts. Rely on our team to support your efforts on:

  • campaign design and implementation
  • communications and promotion
  • social media
  • moderation
  • final reporting

Let us know what you are hoping to achieve and we can help you determine if crowdsourcing is a viable solution and help you get started.

The Free Trial or our Whitepapers and Case Studies are a great place to start.